Thursday, April 29, 2010


The rest will be uploaded in Facebook

Masuk iklan nyiahhhh!!

M name is right at the bottom there, the one titled Rawang. Hehe... Cari rezeki halal... anyone interested, do sms/call/email. I don't bite, trust me, hehehe

Monday, April 26, 2010

Ho ho vacation days are here... Trala! Trala! Trala!

That was a song my (our) music teacher in TKC taught us in form 1. Very catchy indeed, so everytime we r going for a holiday, this song would be playing in the back of my mind (wah! dramatic effects!) It's Mr Hubby's birthday last Sunday, so I treat him to a much needed rest at The Legend Water Chalet PD. Lama dah berangan, hehhehe... Nanti balikla baru update gambar. Last night we spent the night cuba mengambik gambar kilats d tgh lauts. Huhu... Kowaiii....

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lamanya xupdate kan? Kdg tu dah bkk, tp xtertulis pulak. Hehehe... Why? No idea why. Mmm... I guess I just have too much in my mind n hands! Busy nyohhhh!!! But busy is good... For someone doing freelancing, busy means $$$ hiks...
So anyway, Syahmi said I am a little too tough on him when I'm teaching him something. Or is it that he is just like me masa pregnant haritu? Suka nangis? Tegur slow2 lagi la dia nangis, kalo kena jerit xnangis la plak! Haiyaaa...
Had Syahmi's birthday party last Saturday. Just a small one, with friends. And most importantly, he enjoyed it very much!
We are going to PD this weekend! It's Mr Hubby's birthday, so I booked a chalet at Th Legend Water Chalet. Sunday till Tuesday. Bagi boss rehat minda sket. Plus I nak gak cuti masak merasa dok atas air, haha... Mak n ayah will be joining us on Sunday, with Hadirah, of course. Mana leh tinggal yang tu! Hehe... Bagi main ngan bdk2 nih. K Long, Angah, xmo join ka? Malam tuh korg balikla, Isnin keje :D