Saturday, June 18, 2011

Kawan2 Nasi Butter

Opor Ayam

Salad & Ikan Goreng

The ikan goreng is actually for the kids. This is the 1st time I made Opor Ayam. It's a Pahang cuisine, but even the one with the Pahang IC doesn't know what it is. Haiyaaaa.... So anyway, it complements the rice dish. Not as hot as curry, Syafiyah loved it. And the next morning we had roti bom with this for breakfast. Kuahnya pekat, sedapla buat cicah ni, hehe...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Teacher's Day

Syahmi brought this to school for his teachers :) Ok la tu... Wan suggested that I bake something for him to bring, instead of buying something with MY money. Hehe... And better, let him help bake the cake. And so we did. Orange Mocha Brownies for the teachers, yeay! Thank you Teacher Pah, Teacher Anis, Teacher Ina, Teacher Nurul & Teacher Ain. Thank you for taking care of Syahmi (yg selalu demam smpai kena tido kat skolah with SpongeBob teacher tuh) and thank you for making his 1st school year a great one for him! Harusla best kalau tak xde la keluar pagar sekolah je terus report 'Harini kan, teacher teach Ami blablabla'. hehe...