Thursday, July 28, 2011


Wow! My last published post is on June 18th, that is more than a month ago! Maaakkk aih! So... Whats up? Dwfinitely the main supermain event is the lated edition/addition to our not-so-little-anymore family. Hehe... And he is now toothlessly grinning sampai tak nmpak mata on my lap. Xtaula apa yg suka sangat tu :D It is raining, rather cold so I'd say bermanja2 is the most comfortable la kot...
Anyway... His name is Sayf Faqeef Aryan Bin Shahrizan. Which means; The sword, The pious & understanding (Ye, anak lelaki saya mmg memahami belaka, kekeke), With full force. And yes, Aryan tu banyak makna. The most popular one is The Nazi (Hitler's) idea of a perfect race ( But lets not dwell into that, ok? :) Syahmi chose that name, he likes it so much, and we call the baby Aryan, much to Syahmi's delight. Syafiyah? She adores Aryan sooo much! Pantang berbunyi sikit baby tu, she"ll come running to check. And the Kakak Princess is very helpful! Mcm assistant lak dia, cakap je nak apa :)