Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bila xada idea nak masak :)

It's easy, it's simple, everybody in the house loves it, so kalau dah xtau nak msk apa sgt tu resort tu ini sahaja laaa. Hehe... Somehow Syahmi prefers the one I make at home than those at the kedai :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is life :D

I love seafood. Serious! But I can't really eat them much due to the allergies, yadda yadda... Nak makan crab lak, I'm the only one eating it at home (Note to self; teach the kids to eat crabs. Rugi!). Encik Hubby eats crabs only if someone crack them for him. Haih... So anyway... Ayah & Brother-in-law suggested that we go have dinner at this parking lot (while we were in Kuching, that is). And the first night we were there, terus pegi! Hehe...

Monday, April 11, 2011


April is already in its teen days. And I have been sick for the most part of it. Lama pulak sekali ni, hmm... Ujian, redha je...
So anyway, end of March, we went for a holiday in Kuching! Alhamdulillah... Everything went well, almost actually :) Got delayed on the To flight, and Syafiyah caught a fever on our last day. Hmm... But we had a good time. Not much sightseeing but a good time nontheless. Abah was kind of pelik why we didn't go to any museums or go this or that. Senyum je la... :)
Anyway, I'm at week 27 now. And I do get annoyed very very VERY easily nowadays. Loud voices annoys me. Stupid questions annoys me. Macam-macamla kesimpulannya. Hmm...